Gettin’ Feasty With It

                    Food in Bloom got FEASTY mid September for Portland’s annual food festival, Feast Portland. Partnering once again with Bon Appetit, Food in Bloom collaborated to use inspired recipes for the … Continue reading

The Minimalist Guide to Buffets


Every bride and groom want their wedding to be perfect. There are so many variables to consider when planning a wedding, but putting the focus on the food should be a priority. With the increase in food sensitivities, finding options … Continue reading

summertime and the living is easy

8-31-07 Tric and Rich at Aerie 111

1-750 ml bottle sweet white wine (moscato is a great choice) 1 cup peach schnapps (or peach flavored vodka) 2 cups seltzer 2 peaches, sliced* 1 cup grapes, halved* Summer seasonal fruits for texture, flavor and color In a large … Continue reading

Friendly Foods


Have you ever gone to a networking event and suddenly are cornered by that one guy who sloshes his drink around, chews with his mouth open and does not understand personal boundaries? It happens. And sometimes we can’t control those … Continue reading

Brunching Through Your Reception


Slowly replacing breakfast and lunch everywhere, brunch seems to be the coolest thing since sliced bread. Brunch translates exquisitely to dates, Instagram pictures, an excuse to start drinking early on Saturday or casual Sundays with your girlfriends. Come to think … Continue reading

Five Cocktail Ideas for your Next Dinner Party


Hosting dinner parties in your own abode is always an exercise in how to please everybody. You control the pace, ambiance, mood and tone of the evening. If you’re feeling sassy, switch up your dinner party or happy hour at … Continue reading

The Treasury Ballroom Relaunch


“People who have been there before were blown away and new people who had never walked down those stairs were shocked!” – Kurt Beadell, VT Group Creative Director & Principal On Thursday, April 21, The Treasury Ballroom located in downtown … Continue reading

Thoughtful Meals for Your Volunteers


Volunteers are the most effective resources you can utilize for your nonprofit fundraisers. While they put in their hard work and time for your well revered cause, it’s important for you to remember to acknowledge their efforts. Some volunteers like … Continue reading

Shrimp: A CEO’s Weakspot

Exchange Ballroom Open House

“Serve passed items that are easy to eat, not messy, that you can pick up with one hand always contribute to a great event”. Says Annessa Hartman, senior coordinator for Food in Bloom Catering. Some say it’s a dog-eat-dog world  … Continue reading

Food in Bloom Moves Across the River

160203_122701_8078 (2)

PORTLAND, ORE. FEBRUARY 09, 2016 VT Group, the company behind two of Portland’s largest and most successful catering businesses, today announced it is fully operational at its new location at 2010 SE 8th Avenue in Portland. The freshly renovated 43,000-square-foot … Continue reading