Desserts Menu

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finger desserts

seasonal fruit tartlets
with creme fraiche custard and streusel

classic cheesecake
with amaretto cherry and graham cracker crust

ganache tart
with candied orange peel

chocolate cheesecake bars
sprinkled with gold dust

brown butter brownies
with chocolate ganache

gianduja truffles
milk chocolate hazelnut

buttermilk panna cotta
with seasonal fruit, served in a shot glass

salted caramel chocolate bars
shortbread crust

rosemary apricot shortbread bars
with pine nut streusel

ice cream sandwich
chocolate cake with mint chocolate chip ice cream

mini pavlova
guava whipped cream, passionfruit caramel, and seasonal fruit

linzer bars
with raspberry jam

pistachio financier
with rhubarb butter cream

french almond macarons
with buttercream filling or raspberry jam (gluten free, dairy free)          

plated desserts

buttermilk panna cotta
with seasonal fruit

grand marnier semifreddo
served in individual souffle dishes, drizzled with warm chocolate sauce

chocolate pot de creme
with vanilla bean whipped cream & hazelnut tuile

chocolate blackout cake
rich chocolate cake layered with chocolate buttercream,with caramel sauce, vanilla bean whipped cream and caramel popcorn garnish

banana miso pudding
banana cake, miso pudding, banana, house made ‘nilla wafers, whipped cream

pretzel cake
burnt honey butter cream, stout ganache

ricotta cheesecake
brown butter graham cracker crust, market berries

classic carrot cake
cream cheese frosting, caramelized pineapple

moon pie
graham cracker cake, marshmallow butter cream, ganache, rc cola float

lemon pudding cake
blackberry yogurt creme anglaise