Mini Rootbeer Floats

mini root beer floatI’ve always been a huge advocate for root beer floats; as a kid, a starving college student, and now as a grown adult. I was reminded of how much I love these tasty delights this afternoon when I noticed it on a tasting menu for one of our upcoming bat mitzvah events that Food in Bloom is catering. So, imagine to my surprise and awe, a fleet of tiny three ounce miniature root beer floats gliding out to our tasting table, alongside miniature chocolate and vanilla cupcakes. What kid wouldn’t jump at joy for a root beer float? I mean, what adult wouldn’t be equally as excited? It’s just the right amount to satiate that sweet tooth, and just small enough that you can grab a big handful of these if you really have a hankering for nostalgia. I had four.

Food in Bloom is using Oregon-made Tillamook vanilla ice cream, and the most classic of root beers, A&W. And these lil’ floats are a true hit! It’s a great way to keep things simple and still be creative. Just add a colorful straw, serve up a playful portion, and whip up a unique, fun presentation. These minis are great for an array of special events: mitzvahs, birthdays, graduations, summer parties, and even weddings.

Keeping with the miniature theme, the floats are paired well with other Food in Bloom bite sized dessert treats like our new, made in-house ice cream sandwiches, classic cheesecake bars, or delicious brownie bites. Our event planners are happy to help create a customized menu for your Portland area celebration, no matter how big or how mini it may be.

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