Picnic Season is Here

Salad with fresh strawberries

Romaine & arugula salad with fresh strawberries, goat cheese, black pepper vinaigrette & white balsamic. Photo credit: Bryan Rupp Photography

Summer is nearly here, and that means one very important thing: Picnics and BBQs!

Food in Bloom draws inspiration from the summer season and that unique Portland flare for creativity and has whipped up a variety of BBQs to satiate your summer hunger. In true Food in Bloom style, the quality, ideas, and preparation are as alluring as that sunshine we’re all so eager to soak up. Check out these three picnic-friendly menus we’ve created.




The Mediterranean Picnic:

Heirloom melons, capers, tabouli, Oh My! This fresh and bright picnic style menu captures the flavors and the simple preparations of the Mediterranean, and incorporates northwest seasonal vegetables and locally sourced albacore tuna and chicken.

radish, orange & heirloom melon salad

sliced & arranged on platters, served with an orange flower vinaigrette

*vegan & gluten free*

oregon albacore tuna with a mediterranean tomato caper salsa

served on a bed of grilled spring onions

yogurt and garlic marinated chicken

breast of chicken marinated in yogurt and garlic, grilled and served on a bed of pearl cous cous with olive oil, fresh herbs & lemon zest, seasonal vegetables

grilled, roasted & pickled summer vegetable platter

with lemon, olive oil & coarse sea salt

quinoa ‘tabouli’

with lemon, parsley, tomato & red onion

*vegan & gluten free*


The Pacific NW BBQ:

This menu captures the essence of all that is great about the Pacific Northwest: lush local greens, delicious ripe fruit, like our grilled Hood River peaches, wrapped in pancetta and topped with fresh basil, and let’s not forget about the kebabs. Can we talk about these kebabs for a moment? Herb marinated chicken and vegetable kebabs with lemon and basil, and grilled beef sirloin and veggies kebabs with a red wine and rosemary marinade. This menu screams for a park, some frisbee, lemonade and beer. Don’t worry, we can plan all of those details for you, too.

romaine & arugula salad

with fresh strawberries, goat cheese,

black pepper vinaigrette & white balsamic

herb marinated chicken & vegetable kebabs

with lemon & fresh basil

grilled beef sirloin and vegetable kebabs

marinated  with red wine and fresh rosemary

basmati rice salad

with corn, toasted pecans, watercress &

dijon-red wine vinaigrette

grilled hood river peaches

wrapped in pancetta with fresh basil

grilled & sliced portobello mushrooms

grilled portobello mushrooms served on a bed of arugula, drizzled with pinot noir reduction, garnished with shaved parmesan


The Tex Mex BBQ:

This is some serious eatin’, folks. They do not mess around down south. Big, bold flavors and a twist on some classic dishes make this a fun and playful option. Light salads like the black bean and sweet corn salad with cilantro lime dressing, and the Texas) Caesar pair well with authentic Texas-style smoked beef brisket and homemade cornbread.

black bean & sweet corn salad

with cilantro lime dressing, red peppers, tomatoes & onions

green chili & cheese tamales

texas style smoked beef brisket

with amarillo mopping sauce

tequila lime shrimp kebabs

with tropical fruit salsa

texas caesar salad

grilled romaine with buttermilk dressing, sweet summer corn & red peppers

fresh fruit skewers

drizzled with lime-ginger syrup

house made cornbread

with whipped honey butter



Salute the sunset with that final last sweet bite: strawberry shortcakes, house-made ice cream sandwiches and sundaes. No longer do you need to chase the ice cream truck down the street.

Let us help you plan your summer soirée catering needs. We’re chock full of bright ideas, solutions and personalities as radiant as that summer sun. Contact us today for more information and to speak with one of our event planners today.

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