Springtime is Here

Cupcake Post PictureInspired simply by Springtime, the idea of presenting  cupcakes for a recent party blossomed into a unique presentation that is playful, unique, and visually stunning. We took bamboo skewers (you can use chopsticks, too), placed them into the base of the cupcake shelves, then attached a bunch of these pretty little treats up and turned it into a cupcake garden, after we sprinkled tulips and other Spring florals amongst them. The result was more than a beautiful idea; a ton of smiles and people coming back for second and thirds made the whole concept a success. Simply put, it was a lot of fun. Happy food yields happy people.

There is probably at least one food that you can think of that makes you smile: your mom’s home-made peach pie; a hot dog from Fenway Park; or in my case the most amazing chili that we serve at our f&b cafe. Seriously, I eat the chili probably three times a week. Presenting these foods with care, love, and intention results in more than a tasty bite, but it ignites the senses for a complete experience from first glance to the unfortunate last bite.

The cupcake garden, in this case, was a huge hit. The cupcakes were transformed into beautiful blossoming flowers with chocolate, red velvet, and buttercream cupcake flavors and the guests loved it. This presentation is a great way to make your food look exciting, and to get your guests actively engaged in the dining experience. We can help you do this for your next event! Imagine a 4th of July Independence Day Party, with spirited red, white and blue cupcakes. My personal favorite idea is for my friend’s upcoming Memorial Weekend barbecue:  mini sliders, little pigs in a blanket, and s’mores on a stick. While presentation may be just as important as quality, the most important golden rule is that you have fun. So, go on now, play with your food.

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