The Minimalist Guide to Buffets

Amy_Lulzim_Jessica_Hill_Photography_KaoRexhepi512Every bride and groom want their wedding to be perfect. There are so many variables to consider when planning a wedding, but putting the focus on the food should be a priority. With the increase in food sensitivities, finding options to please every guest can be a challenge. We think less is more, and simple is tasteful.

Utilize Your Resources.
Oregon Bounty. There’s a reason why Oregon has become a dominant powerhouse of culinary innovation in the past decade. The region’s food practices are top notch, boasting sustainability, organic and locally sourced products. The accessibility to these resources is abundant, making it easy and practical for chefs, restaurants and caterers to make magic happen without drastic costs. When choosing your menu, be logical with your produce. If you’re having a summer wedding, really invite the notion of having the colors of those vibrant seasonal vegetables and fruits play into your wedding theme. You likely aren’t going to have a root vegetable succotash side dish at your July wedding. Plus, there are way fewer people who have aversions to produce than grains, dairy or meats.

Season Sensibly.
Keeping simplicity in mind, avoid entrees or salads that are thick with seasonings or additives that may cause issues with your guests. Again, if it’s summertime, your guests are likely not going to want a heavy sauce based entrée. Go light and fresh with citrus notes and simple herbs to enhance the taste. If you’ve got a complex entrée that has over a dozen ingredients and seasonings, of course it’ll taste great, but odds are someone in the crowd is going to have a food sensitivity with one of those ingredients that you aren’t aware of.

Eat With Your Eyes.
Looks aren’t deceiving. If it looks clean and fresh, it’s going to taste clean and fresh. People eat with their eyes. When’s the last time you heard somebody say, “Mmm, that mystery meat tastes amazing! What do you think it is?” If your wedding is decorated with a minimal aesthetic, clean and lean foods will enhance that visual. A heavy, heaping glob of sweet potatoes may just look ‘ew’. Grilled asparagus or a black bean and sweet corn salad with lime and cilantro both provide a pop of color and simple flavors that will look stunning on a simple buffet display, without compromising the taste or the budget.

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